Our Midwives

Ola Levitin

ola-baby-sling-bw_d400Committed to protecting the right to choose in pregnancy and birth, Ola first worked as a Doula, and then completed the Midwifery Education Program at Ryerson. She has worked as a Midwife in Toronto and Ottawa. Ola is known in the community for her support of VBAC and is on the QA committee at the Civic Hospital. When she is not catching babies, she enjoys gardening, knitting, kayaking and figure skating. Ola is fluent in English, French and Russian.

Amy McGee

amy_d400Amy works in a collaborative practice with maternal fetal medicine specialist Dr. Yvonne Cargill offering outreach perinatal care to clients at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre, methadone clinics and local shelters. She was previously an art therapist, street outreach worker and wilderness instructor. She has a BHSc from Ryerson, a MSW from Carleton, and a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto. She teaches in the Ryerson Midwifery Education Program and has research interests in opioid use, cannabis and intimate partner violence.

Xiaojuan Yan

joanne-cropped-bw_d400“Joanne” was trained and worked in China as an obstetrician for more than 15 years. She was a senior OB of a Level III and Baby Friendly hospital, as well as a professor at a university. In Ontario, she completed the International Midwifery Pre-registration program and has been practicing in Ontario since 2011.
我们非常高兴的告诉大家,原国内教学医院妇产科主任医师 Joanne Yan 开始接受预产期在2017年1月15 号以后的孕妇

Tess Walter

Tess WalterTess discovered midwifery after completing her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Nutritional Science at UBC. Her fascination with women`s health and the human body led her to the Midwifery Education Program through McMaster University and she has been working in Ottawa ever since. The experience of having her own children enriched her appreciation of the beauty and enormous impact that pregnancy and birth has on the lives of women and their families. Outside of midwifery, Tess enjoys the outdoors while camping, canoeing, climbing, skiing, hiking and running especially in the company of family and friends.

Sarah Beckman

Sarah BeckmanSarah came to midwifery after completing her MSc in bioethics and has previously worked in community outreach, sexual health, accessibility, and disability rights. She has also spent time living and working in England, Kenya, Uganda, and Nepal. Sarah was drawn to midwifery because it provides the opportunity for clients and families to be active participants in their health care decision-making and believes it can help address health disparity in our communities. On her down-time, Sarah enjoys reading, traveling, tennis, basketball, snow-shoeing, and skiing.

Julie Stonehouse

Julie StonehouseJulie is a caring an energetic midwife who is from the Ottawa community. Prior to graduating from her Health Sciences Degree in Midwifery Julie obtained a Masters of International Affairs with a focus on women’s health, poverty and disability. She has worked and volunteered extensively around the world. Julie is passionate about informed choice and strives to support clients to reduce the stress and fear around pregnancy, birth and parenting. In her off-call time Julie enjoys running, hiking, cross-country skiing, reading and spending time with her young family.

Martha Naime Velasquez

Martha Naime VelasquezMartha, was born and raised in Venezuela, where she trained and worked as a general practitioner. She worked in a maternity labor ward where she discovered her passion to help expectant parents and their babies. Since coming to Canada, she volunteered and worked in health-related positions until she completed the International Midwifery Preregistration Program (IMPP) at Ryeson Universiry. Martha is looking forward to working in Ottawa and “providing families a demedicalized approach, empowering them to reclaim pregnancy and birth, and being amazed by all the wonders our bodies are capable of”. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, jigsaw puzzles, boxing, rock climbing, and outdoor activities with her dog, family and friends. Martha is fluent in English and Spanish, with conversational French.

Summer O’Neill

Summer O'NeillSummer was trained in British Columbia where she enjoyed the mountains and a more rural lifestyle that included unique models of midwifery care. Since moving to Ottawa with her family, she has been working to forge models of care in which pregnant people get the benefits of both physicians and midwives during their pregnancy. Summer is working with the Ottawa Hospital in the ORACLE program which is a collaboration between the Maternal Fetal Medicine Obstetricians and midwives. She also has a special interest in working with families who have a pregnancy with a life-limiting condition. When Summer is not enjoying her job as a midwife, she is exploring the world with her two children and getting up to all sorts of adventures!

Aicha – Administrator

Aicha Aicha is a dedicated and compassionate young feminist who just completed her Honours Bachelor of Commerce specialized in Finance. She is passionate about women empowerment and sexual reproductive rights. After graduating high school with an International Baccalaureate, she decided to pursue her Studies in Ottawa in hopes to gain new skills and expand her horizons. She is fluent in French and English. She wants to pursue working in the healthcare services industry to provide a safe and warm place for women and their families. On her down time, she likes to travel (preferably in warm places), read (fantasy genre like Harry Potter and the occasional economics/finance books) and spend time with family and friends.

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