phonePhone: 613-883-2566
Fax: 613-319-2565
Urgent Pager: 613-761-4221

Please use the Urgent Pager to reach a midwife if you think you are in labour and for any clinical concerns for you or your baby. Once connected, please give the operator the name of the midwife, your name and your phone number.
house2260 Walkley Road Unit 101
Ottawa, ON K1G 6A8
(Canon Building at intersection of St Laurent & Walkey)

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As part of our midwifery practice's commitment to equity, we welcome you to self-identify to be prioritized for care:
Racialized or a person of color Indigenous/Aboriginal Newcomer to Canada and/or non-OHIP LGBTQI or gender non-conforming Mental health concern(s) Substance use Living with a disability Teen or young parent Planning a vaginal birth after caesarean(s) Other identity or circumstances that you are comfortable sharing that are important for us to consider (including issues of poverty, violence, etc): please specify
* We thank you for sharing this with us. We do our best to accommodate everyone, however due to limited resources we cannot guarantee a spot in our care.